Charlotte Allstars operates out of four locations. CAC Main is our original home in Matthews, NC.  In June 2013, after the merger/acquisition of Aviator Allstars, Keith Bagwell was welcomed home to CAC and named the Director of CAC Main.  CAC Main is our largest facility and home to 17 teams Levels 1 through 5, including 3 Worlds Teams and 2 Special Needs teams.  We’re excited for the growth of our program and look forward to a great season!

CAC Main Staff

Julie O'Brien, Director   704-841-8408 ext 406


Keith Bagwell, Assistant Director / Premier Head Coach    704-841-8408 ext 214


Ashley Bagwell, Coach  704-841-8408 ext 409


Tiffany Tyson, Head Coach    704-841-8408


David Crockett, Head Coach    704-841-8408


Regina Thompson, Head Coach    704-841-8408


Scott Cooper, Head Coach    704-841-8408




CAC Main Teams

Classic Program


BABY BLUE - Tiny 1    Head Coach: Melissa Schneider    Assistant Coach: Scott “Coach Coop” Cooper

IVY - Junior 1    Head Coach: Scott “Coach Coop” Cooper

AQUA - Youth 2    Head Coach: Melissa Schneider

TURQUOISE - Junior 2    Head Coach: Tiffany Tyson

PEARL - Junior 3    Head Coach: Tiffany Tyson

LIME GREEN - Senior 2   Coaches: Miguel Miranda, Tye Davis and Alex Quill

ANGELS - Special Needs    Head Coach: Connie Mulroy   Assistant Coaches: Chelo Stavish and Noelle Nylone Lee

Premier Program

PEACH - Mini 2    Head Coach: Heather Williams

PIXIE PINK - Small Youth 2    Head Coach: Ashley Bagwell   Assistant Coach: Missy Miles

TITANIUM - Junior 4    Head Coach: David Crockett   Assistant Coach: Regina Thompson

SAPPHIRE - Senior 3    Head Coach: Heather Williams


PLATINUM - Large Junior 5    Head Coach: David Crockett    Assistant Coach: Ashley Bagwell

IMPERIAL - Senior Large 5    Head Coaches: Keith Bagwell, Ashley Bagwell and Robert Burns

MIDNIGHT - Senior Large Coed 5    Head Coaches: Keith Bagwell, Miguel Miranda and Ashley Bagwell

TEAL - Senior Small 5    Head Coach: Leigh Ann Barger

DIAMONDS - Special Needs    Head Coach: Connie Mulroy Assistant Coaches: Chelo Stavish and Noelle Nylone Lee