Charlotte Allstar Cheerleading is located in Matthews, NC. CAC has a phenomenal facility with 5 spring floors, 4 tumble tracks/rod strip, 2 in-ground trampolines, and 2 in-ground foam pits.


We are home to teams Levels 1 through 5, including 1 Worlds Teams and 2 Special Needs teams. We are moving into our 26th season, and are excited to share our passion and love for the sport of competitive cheerleading with so many families.

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CAC Staff
We currently have 17 members on staff to bring you and your athlete the best possible experience with competitive cheerleading.  Our cheer coaches bring over 100 years of combined experience in coaching and all have coached teams to regional, state, and national caliber competitions.


To contact us please call:


Julie O’Brien – Owner/Director of Charlotte Allstars Main – 704-246-8633


Our facility is located at: 11011 Monroe Road / Matthews, NC 28105


CAC Teams

Lemon Drop – Tiny Level 1 Coached by: Kameron Burns and Scott Cooper “Coop”


Bananarama – Youth Level 1 Coached by: David Crockett and Regina Thompson


Pixie Pink – Youth Large 2 Coached by: Kameron Burns and Kendyl Brewer


Mint – Junior Large 3 Coached by: David Crockett, Regina Thompson and Missy Miles


J5 JET – Junior Coed 5 Coached by: Rob Burns, Leann Spadaro and David Crockett


Glamour – Senior 1 Coached by: Lindsey Burdette and Haley Haberman


Glitz – Senior 2 Coached by: Kendyl Brewer and Alexis Pallo


Wildfire – Senior Large Coed 4 Coached by: Alex Koffard and Pam Trier


Teal – Senior Medium Coed 5 Coached by: Rob Burns and Kevin Brubaker


Prep Team – Sunflower –Youth 1 Coached by: Kameron Burns and Scott Cooper “Coop”


Prep Team – Lilac – Junior 2 Coached by: Haley Haberman and Alex Koffard


Angels – Special Athletes Assisted – Connie Mulroy and Chelo Stavish


Diamonds – Special Athletes Unassisted – Connie Mulroy and Chelo Stavish






What an AWESOME day for CAC!  Charlotte Allstars was awarded 7 first places, 1 second place, 1 fourth place & an all level grand champ for Junior 3! 


Mint 1st Place and Over All GRAND CHAMPIONS FOR LEVEL 3 !

Lemon Drop 1st place, 

Pixie Pink 1st Place, 

Glamour 1st Place

Glitz, 1st Place

Wildfire 1st Place

Diamonds 1st Place 

J5 JET 2nd Place

Bananaramam 4th place


What a great, great day!! We are so proud of all of our athletes!